• LUNA Wall Mount LNT-2 6000
  • Luna Wall Mount Lnt- 2 6000
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  • LUNA Wall Mount LNT-2 6000
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Designed to clean the air and surfaces in open rooms of up to 6,000 square feet in size. The LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount Air Sanifier is a powerful commercial Air Purifier perfect for use in hospitals, clinics, gyms, restaurants, salons, bars, hotel lobbies and more. This professional Air Sanifier is great for improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of hotel rooms occupied by smokers, airport smoking rooms or for spot cleaning buildings.


This commercial grade Air Sanifier quickly and effectively reduces carbon-based contaminants and provides the space with fresh, clean air within minutes. Carbon based contaminants are natural impurities like bacteria, mould, viruses, foul odours, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These common allergens such as pollen can be easily taken care of by using the LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount Air Sanifier.
The LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount is made from high quality materials including internal metal components and a durable eight inch thick brushed anodised aluminium and ridged polymer casing. It is built to last and hand made in the U.S.A.
The LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount is very easy to operate and turns on with the flip of a switch. There are 2 settings high and low respectively, there is no filter to replace or routine maintenance to perform. Cleaning the washable dust guards is the only maintenance if ever needed. Every two years, the unit requires a replacement new Green AHPCO® Cell™ which is as easy to install as a print cartridge.

How It Works

The long life UVC lamp destroys germs as they passes through UV light. The light rays react with the nano 5 metal AHPCO® catalyst to produce an abundance of negative ions, which find and destroy carbon based molecules. The carbon based contaminants are then converted into water and carbon dioxide including the elimination of unpleasant odours. The Bi-Polar® ionizers reduce allergy causing particulate matter such as dust, pollen and pet dander.

Two Cutting Edge Technologies

The LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount is the most technologically advanced Air Purifier and sanitizer on the market today because it uses both Bi-Polar® ionization & AHPCO® (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology that was developed by NASA and improved by our research and development team, including Dr. Jeff Bennert and Prof. Naburun Ghosh.
The LUNALNT-2 6000 Wall Mount Air Sanifier uses low energy in comparison to it size. It uses less electricity than a standard household light bulb therefore creates a very small carbon footprint. Using these 2 very effective technologies in combination together produces unparalleled results compared to any other machine on the market today; freeing your home or business from unwanted contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, VOCs, mould and allergens and other microscopic impurities in the air and on surfaces. It also eliminates all odors related to pets, smoke, cleaning chemicals, mould, and much more.


Simple Operation:
The LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount is simple to operate. The device turns on with the flip of a single switch. There are no complicated multiple settings to learn.
Virtually Maintenance Free:
No routine maintenance to perform. Stainless steel dust guard never has to be replaced. Green AHPCO® Cell™ only needs replacing every 2 years
Durable Construction:
1/8″ thick brushed metal housing, not a faux finish Internal metal components ensure long term use. Made in the USA
Operational Settings:
2 power settings (High/Low)
Power Source:
24 VDC, 33 Watts


Product Name:
LUNA LNT-2 6000 Wall Mount
Model Number:
LNT-2 6000
Product Dimensions:
Not Packaged: 25.8″ x 16.0″ x 3.83″ Packaged: 30″ x 21″ x 6″
Not Packaged: 5.5 kg Packaged: 7.3kg
24 VDC
6 foot cord.
Low / High: 60 / 120 CFM
Ozone Levels:
0.05 ppm
Aluminium/SS and PC
Working Temp:
0°F – 122°F
2 years limited warranty
Country of Origin:
Made in the USA